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Please see today's post. Farm closed and will be for sale soon due to my recent diagnosis of breast cancer. Sorry for any inconvenience.Vikki

We're almost at the end of the 2012 cheese and produce season. We've packed straw over berries and veggies, and around tender trees. Goats are winding down with milk production; Vida should be pregnant by Christmas, and Ellie is going strong with her baby, Sweetums, still nursing sometimes.

There are 29 two-week-old chicks (black australorp and red star) in the garage under a heat lamp, stretching and growing every day. We also have chicks of various ages outside already, and still hatch more chicks ourselves whenever a hen goes broody (wants to set on eggs to hatch them). By Spring, we should have between 25-35 new layers in addition to our 10 current layers, giving us a variety of colored eggs: brown, green, blue, creamy white and light pink, and lots of new roosters to head each flock.

2013 is looking so exciting right now! I've ordered vegetable seeds and will be looking at edible flowers and many kinds of herbs in a few weeks. By February we'll be planning what goes where, and getting compost and manure where it will be most needed. The shelves for our in-house "store" are going up next week, as is the refrigerator for eggs and cheese customers.

There will be a monthly newsletter in our store and produce/egg pickup area, and each issue will have recipes, ideas for menus and more.

Future posts could include recipes on using our cheese and eggs, menu planning, and even special items for sale.

Be sure to "follow" this blog, and comment! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Vikki and Doug


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