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"But given the fact that there have been many recent, large scale and deathly food borne illnesses from foods such as hamburger, eggs, spinach, peanut butter, bean sprouts, jalapenos and the constant threat that seafood poses it seems strange to me that raw milk stirs up all the bile in the press. Even my husband's super-cool, ultra-hippy, neo-communist friend who happens to also hold an advanced degree in anthropology as well as being a medical doctor, will never let his kids consume raw milk in our house. When I asked him about it, he told me all about his medical school training (ahem, I would call it indoctrination). What about all those other foods? Should they be regulated or even banned? Not even he thinks they should. So why should milk? Why is it that milk divides us so much?"


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Milk milk milk... oh i dream and pray for the day we will can own a small herd of milk goats or sheep. My kids cant have cows milk. My dad grew up on raw milk and my parents in oregon have found a supply for a reasonable cost and say they will never go back. I think as more and more people get stick from modern farming more people will switch over. That or the government will get so big it will implode and thats all we'll have to drink so it will come to drink or go with out.