Torn ACL. Probably.

"Sprained" my knee that first night Weslee was in the hospital, right? Two Mondays ago. The ER took xrays and said it's probably just sprained. Stay off of it.

Yeah, right.

How do I stay off it when I have to pick up a 156-pound boy off the floor after a grand mal seizure?


Anyway, the pain was getting worse and worse, so last week I made an appointment for today with an orthopedist. Barely touched it, tried to manipulate it, I bit back a scream of pain ... yep, it's probably a torn ACL.  From the mayoclinic website: "An ACL injury is the tearing of the anterior cruciate (KROO-she-ate) ligament, or ACL, inside your knee joint."

They sent me for an MRI to confirm the diagnosis, and I'm supposed to go back in a week to further discuss. Meanwhile, it's pain killers, ice packs, and trying to stay off it.

That means no baking or cooking.

And THAT means no Friday Farmer's Market for at least a week.  Sorry about that.  I hope to be able to get around at least a little bit to do some Valentine's Day baking. If you have Val Day cupcake needs, please contact me before Feb 12 to discuss. I should be able to sit on a bar stool and get some done.

This month's cupcake flavors. Note that I can make any of these as a Valentine's Day cupcake ... something sweet for your sweet!


And as I was typing this post, my husband calls me into the kitchen where my son was having another big seizure. It took both of us to keep him from collapsing backwards again.

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