Make-A-Wish Foundation said yes!

A few weeks ago when we realized that when Weslee has his brain surgery for epilepsy, he could be left completely fine OR with severe disabilities like unable to walk or see, or no emotions or memories ... well, I decided to do something great for him.

He's a movie fanatic so I thought we could take a trip to Universal Studios in FL. Came to find out they don't do tours. I was referred to Universal Studios in CA and they DO do tours. I started asking family for help to pay for the trip for him and I to go to CA so he can take a studio tour, and maybe walk on the beach (he's never seen an ocean).

Someone referred us to the Make-A-Wish foundation, so I contacted them and started the ball rolling.

Then his epilepsy got worse. No meds helped control his seizures. They increased every time we made the half hour trip into town. Or argued. Or disciplined him. Or asked him to think.

Taking any trip is out.

But Make-A-Wish understands, and they DO want to grant him a wish! Weslee's wish grantor, Shell, came over last night to meet Weslee and discuss his wish. And, of course, ask me to sign some paperwork. No problem.

Guess what most of his wishes revolve around? Movies! So they might be giving him a big ole room with comfy furniture and a decent TV to watch movies on.

He's really excited. So much so that he had a couple of minor seizures last night after Shell left. And even this morning, keeps talking about his wish. He can hardly wait!

If you're looking for a tax deductible way to donate money, please consider the Make-A-Wish foundation... not just for Weslee but for other kids with life-threatening illnesses.  Help them have a day of joy and fun, and push away medical worries for even just a little while. (Click Here)

To help Weslee personally ... his medical and special-needs living expenses, and to finish training his service dog Krypto, please click here.

Thank you.

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