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As promised, here are the pictures from when Shell and Allie from Make-A-Wish Colorado came here for Weslee. They took our yucky and bare main basement room, added a loveseat and beanbag chair, a big flat-screen TV, surround sound, blue-ray disc player and some movies. He loves it!

Here's Weslee sitting on his new bean bag chair (SitSational). Very comfy. Delivered in the morning by American Furniture Warehouse and now impatiently waiting for Make-A-Wish people to come!

Allie brought lots of ice cream (this is only a small sampling) plus pizza, a big basket with movies and toys and candy and snacks.  Ooops, just noticed Weslee's double-hat is crooked. Again.
Wow ... what a lot of pizza!  Even brought cinnamon-sticks and soda pops. Good thing I had paper plates and cups.

There's Weslee in front of the big flat screen TV, playing with the light saber (did I spell that right?) that he found in his goodie basket.  Hmmm... wonder if I need to get one for Doug too?!?!
We took this picture before friends Stacy and her daughter Sara showed up.  Who was behind the camera?  Weslee's high school teacher, Lori Biggs. So glad she made it to see him.  After Shell and Allie left, the other 3 were about to leave when we discovered Weslee stuck at the front door, having a big ole seizure. It was several minutes before we could move him so they could leave.

A HUGE thanks to everyone involved with Weslee's Wish. He loves spending his mornings watching movies on the big TV and flopping on to the comfy loveseat and beanbag.
NOW, it's time to other stuff:
I took this pic last Friday when I was making chocolate frosting for the Chocolate Cherry cupcakes. I had been asked earlier if I bought the stuff pre-made from the grocery store or if I made it myself.  I felt I really needed to take a pic to show... YUP, I sure do make it myself!  Butter, powdered sugar, organic cocoa, and sometimes vanilla, spices and goat milk. Remember to order your cupcakes on Wednesdays for Friday pick-up, and that we're doing this "Baking For Weslee" to raise money for Weslee's medical and living expenses.
Oh em gee ... just got the bill from Weslee's February hospital stay ... over $42,000!!!! Good thing insurance paid most of it. Thing is, that's withOUT surgery and ONLY for 5 days! I am SO not looking forward to the bill for the next hospital stay that WILL be for surgery (probably 2 at least) and all that includes.

Anyway ...
Got a LOT of snow on Saturday.  Doug wanted to test out the new "Snow Joe" I had bought him just the week before. It really was necessary since the week before, it took the two of us a complete day digging out his 4WD.  We really needed that day's pay so this machine makes sense. Notice how deep the snow drift is where he is. And this is our front yard!

Last but not least, I took this picture this morning of my brace. Just ignore the big ole fat legs.  The brace on my right leg is supposed to be on from the minute I hit the floor in the morning until I go to bed at night.  Until I have surgery, which I'll discuss AFTER Weslee has his and has recuperated.  The cloth wrap/brace on the left leg is probablly just until I get a permanent metal brace like the one on my right leg.  I'm thinking I'm gonna have to wear skirts from now on.

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Make-A-Wish Colorado said...

Thank you so much for sharing photos from Weslee's movie room makeover wish! It looks like he is enjoying his new gadgets and furniture! Have fun, Weslee!
Your friends at Make-A-Wish Colorado