Make-A-Wish Here Tomorrow

Just got the final word... Make-A-Wish Colorado will be here tomorrow to grant Weslee's Wish ... a movie room in the basement.  (He really wanted to go to Universal Studios for a studio behind-the-scenes tour but since we can't even drive to town without seizures, a trip was out.) 

American Furniture Warehouse will be delivering the sofa in the late morning. Then the wish grantor, Shell, will be bringing the big screen TV and hooking it up while a second wish grantor (Allie?) will be bringing the blue-ray player, movies, the pizza and ice cream. We've invited a friend who has an autistic daughter the same age, and his high school teacher. Hoping my MIL can come too.

Weslee's degeneration is getting worse. He threw a 3-year-old's tantrum in Wal-Mart yesterday, with the stamping of feet, and running to where HE wanted to go. NOT good... for a 160 lb, 5'8" 16 year old, and especially difficult for me to chase after him with one leg in a metal brace and the other in a Mueller-brace. I still can't walk today. Weslee doesn't remember much of it at all.

Board of Neuro docs met yesterday. All agree to go forward with surgery, but they need a bit more info first. It's possible that Weslee's personality and intellect degeneration is caused by the meds and/or the seizures, and they need to know the extent of it. They've ordered another MRI. That will determine if they do the two-step surgery (grid-mapping then taking out the effected parts) or a different kind of surgery. Keep sending your best wishes.

Meanwhile, tomorrow's going to be a busy day. Guess I should clean first thing tomorrow! Then first thing on Friday, I'll start baking to fill cupcake orders. I'm making extra of the chocolate cherry and the cherry cola so that we can eat some too.

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