Practice for Wada Test

We braved a blizzard and raining ice to get to Children's Hospital this morning.  Took 20 minutes just to scrape off the windshields! I drove slow, hunched over the steering wheel like a little old lady (ok, I am, almost). Took my time, and only sped up when the icy streets met the slushy streets.

Dr. Buada is the neuro-psych who practiced the Wada test with Weslee.  The test is tomorrow, and because of it's nature, we didn't give all the details to Weslee. Tomorrow is soon enough.

Since our goal is to determine if Weslee has speech on his right side in prep for his 2-step brain surgery, we concentrated on just getting him to talk quickly. No need to do the memory part of the test.

Practicing consisted of ... holding up his arms while counting at a regular pace and somewhat loudly 1 through 20.  Then he had to answer clearly "what is your name" "what is your age" "where do you live" and "what color is the sky".  Then the Dr. held up pictures, words and toys that Weslee needed to identify.  Open your mouth.  Blink twice.  Wiggle your tongue.  Stick out your tongue.

Took about an hour.  Hard time getting Weslee to concentrate so I'll practice more with him tonight (he's napping now) and probably on the way tomorrow.

Snowed the whole way home... came home to find another 6 or so inches had fallen on our property.

I'm really nervous about tomorrow.  If he really does have speech on his right side and almost none on his left, chances are he won't have any speech at all after the surgery. I'm so scared.


In other news, our goat Vida hasn't kidded yet (hope she waits for the snow to stop, in a couple of days), our chickens are liking their new homes but not so much the snow, have lots of eggs for sale, and I'm doing everything I can to find funding to board/train Weslee's service dog and to fundraise for Weslee's medical expenses. Pulling my hair out ... literally!

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