Wada Test Postponed

Got up at 4:00 to do chores. Got Weslee up at 5 and left at 5:20. Drove through snow drifts and on icy roads.  Took twice as long as should have but got to Children's Hospital at 7:00 for the Wada Test but ... ARGH ... postponed!

It's such a specialized test that when the one doc that was absolutely required to be there had to leave suddenly (something about father taken seriously ill, LAST NIGHT), they couldn't find anyone to fill in and do this test accurately. I cried, we bundled back in the car, and then had to face rush hour traffic and stupid drivers on the icy roads to drive the one hour back home, taking over 2 hours.

Hubby hurredly left for work. That's 4 hours of comp time he'll never get back.

Can you tell I'm p.o.'d?  Intellectually I understand why it was postponed, but that just means it'll push everything back again. I really want to get past this waiting game and get my son whole.

Weslee's already showing signs of a big seizure, just from the stress of this morning and getting up so early.  I just sent him back to bed.  I'm gonna too because of migraine. ARGH!

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