Wada Test Results say NOT GOOD

I'm sitting in the hospital room, next to my son.  He has to stay flat on his back for another 2 1/2 hours before he can sit up and leave.  Preventing a stroke from the IV in his groin.

So the Wada test showed that he does indeed have speech on his right side as well as the left.  According to his neuro doc, that does mean he will have a "speech deficit" after the surgery. No clue how much and if he'll be able to talk at all. Just that he has speech on the right side.

Meanwhile, I'm looking for speech recognition programs and a device/tablet to get to go with it. We plan to use the next 2 weeks to record him saying certain things, and if he can't talk at all after the surgery, then he'll carry this tablet with him all the time and type what he wants to say. Then the computer will say what he types, IN HIS OWN VOICE.

Surgery in 2-3 weeks.  I'll know exact date tomorrow.  That's not much time to enjoy my son and his beautiful deep voice.

Anybody want to help me find a device and speech recognition program? Something cheap but that will do what we need it to do?


I took lots of footage and pix today. Will try to post tomorrow. Gotta get through today and handling what's to take place. Your continued good wishes and thoughts are appreciated.

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