Weslee is a TV Star!

A local TV station reporter Anastasiya Bolton from 9News (www.9news.com) came out yesterday to shoot a story on Weslee, asking for letters to him telling what their favorite movie is, and it went live last night. Already he's gotten a few donations on the www.giveforward.com/awishforweslee page and we're hoping he'll start getting letters in a few days.

Here's the link: http://www.9news.com/news/article/334516/188/Autistic-teen-with-seizures-wants-letters

I can barely wait for him to wake up this morning so I can show him that people really do care about him and are thinking about him.

Meanwhile, remember that we're having a BAKE BENEFIT AND GARAGE SALE this Saturday here on our farmette. Hours: 12-6 or until we're sold out.

What'll we have:
-pasture-raised eggs $3.50/dozen
-farm-fresh rolls (rye, garlic, squaw, and more)
-beautiful cupcakes
-cookies, brownies, muffins
-homemade chocolate candies
-baby clothes and women's clothing
-whatever else I can find and tag

We also have a buck (intact boy goat - half la mancha half nigerian dwarf) to sell. He's a great sire, short, stocky and sweet. Has 1 horn.

Stop in with a money donation, be ready to buy some goodies, cuddle our orphaned baby goats, and meet Weslee!

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