We're flabbergasted!

Hubby brought home the mail yesterday and in there (among the medical and other bills) were 15 letters! Wow!  Weslee was so excited he could hardly contain himself. But a storm was coming so we had to get the chickens closed up and eggs collected, the dog walked, dinner made and the 2 orphaned goat babies bottle-fed.  Then we curled up on the big bed and read letters.

He's lost some of his reading skills from a week of intense seizures so it was slow going. Nonetheless, he (and Hubby) read the letters aloud.  Weslee laughed and smiled! It made him so happy and sleepy tho so we put the 6 we read to the side and will get to some more tonight.

Thank you all so much for writing your letters.  We're calling you Weslee's Warriors!  And remember our bake sale this Saturday! I'm making lots of cupcakes, breads and other goodies!

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