Letters from Weslee's Warriors

Hi, folks.  Remember that news story local Channel 9 did on Weslee?  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=334516 ).  Just in time, it brought Weslee letters, get well cards and postcards, drawings and even a couple of gifts! Having me open the mail while he was in the hospital having his brain surgeries helped to lift his spirits a little bit.  (Heavy pain killers, pain and confusion ruled his life for about 2 weeks.)

Pic to right is some of his letters.

Now he is struggling to find a new normal... With difficulties speaking, very little memory, huge vision problems and major side effects to the many meds that he is on..., well, we need your help again.

He is so depressed. Side effect of the meds (we hope).

Please send him letters again, telling him not to give up. Remember, he can't really read anymore, so write/type big.

Send to:

Weslee Lawrence
44011 Morning Star Ct.
Elizabeth, CO. 80107

P.s. I want to compile all of his letters into a book to help raise money for his medical bills. We hope you don't mind.

BTW, we have 5 new baby chicks! Wonderful mama hatched our eggs.

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