Weslee is doing ok

On June 9 2013 with Grandma Helen, him,
and Daddy Doug.
It's been 3 1/2 weeks since his first brain surgery and almost 2 1/2 since his second, and I'm happy to announce that Weslee's head is a LOT less swollen! Just has a bit more to go.

He keeps picking at the incision tho so I've been sending him to bed with his wolf-hat on. Wish it wasn't one of his autism traits, but ... just gotta make do.

Walking? Much better.

Talking? A little better. Still has some problems getting words out of his mouth.

Vision?  Same. Tunnel.

Smile? Left side isn't turning up at all.

Pain?  Managed.

Shaking? Yes, that just started today.

Sleeping? Nope. Hasn't had a good night of sleep since he left the hospital.

Eating? Some. Still, he's lost a lot of weight. I need to weigh him. None of his clothes from before fit.

Filter? Nope. Most of the filter we all have is reduced on him. He doesn't always think before he speaks, so sometimes when he corrects your grammar and tells you to say "excuse me" after burping, just play along please.

Seizures? Nope. Not since the hospital. Of course, he's on heavy seizure meds for another few weeks, then hopefully they'll start to reduce them to see if the operation was a success.

Please keep him in your thoughts.

Thank you.

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