I had to threaten, conjole and sternly request, but I think I have finally convinced my husband to sell the farm.  I can’t do it all, not with all of my health problems, and my almost-21-year-old son wants to get settled into a group home.  Plus it is an hour away from hubby’s work.  And last year, while dealing with breast cancer, it was horrible to have to drive 30 minutes into town on a daily basis for radiation treatments.  I'm just tired.
This little farm has a little over 2 acres in the Sun Country subdivision in rural Elizabeth, CO.  We use well water, local electric (but house can be fitted for solar) and trash pickup is once a week. You can have a mixture of farm animals here (all around are horses, goats, chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, alpaca, donkeys, pigs and cows). House sits on top of a ridge, which gives beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and a lot of the neighborhood. Small corner store with a pizza place.  Fire station near the mailroom.  Once or twice a year, the HOA has a "dump day" ... they hire lots of trash trucks which are placed at the fire station, and as long as your HOA dues are paid, you can take your trash (discarded building materials, junk, etc) to be disposed of.

Hope to put the house on the market by the end of November 2017.

Outside:  Here’s what we’re leaving up:
- the backyard goat pen with house, shade and gigantic lounging rocks
- the backyard fenced-in garden with frames and paths (desperately needs weeding)
- one of the chicken coops (used by our bantams) which is right next to a shaded picnic area
- front yard fenced in area with one living peach tree
- outside of fenced front yard are planting boxes that still have some live currant bushes
- north yard fenced in area with one (maybe 2 or 3) still-living fruit trees and a fully-packed woodshed (for fireplace)
- south yard fenced in area, with maybe one living peach tree
IF hubby doesn't finish taking down the other two sectioned areas and 3-4 chicken coops, then those will be left behind too.  We kept the girl and boy goats separated when not breeding, and we kept the different flocks of chickens and turkeys separated.  You could do the same.

-Living room
-Dining room with working fireplace in it
-Large-ish kitchen with door to deck and door to 3-car garage
-Master suite with large closet and bathroom
-Secondary suite with bedroom and attached bathroom
Downstairs (walk-out basement):
-Unfinished laundry room with water heater and furnace and storage area
-Storage area (where I put my home-canned items) andcloset
-Room that can be used as a bedroom or schoolroom; has blackboard, closet
-Large den with room for big screen TV and door to backyard
-Under-the-stairs storage
-Nice bathroom with shower
-Room that can be used as a bedroom or office; has closet
-Room that can be used as a bedroom (my son does) or play room; has closet and hidey-hole
= = = =
Replaced since we moved here in 2010:
-water heater
-air conditioner
-well's pump
= = = =
We still have a LOT of packing and tossing to do, and some repairs and painting.  However, since I’m the only one doing anything, I might just have to abandon it all and take a loss on the property.
If you are interested,  leave a comment. I will try to check here on a weekly basis.  Thank you.
Vikki Lawrence-Williams

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