I just want to say thank you to those who are helping us get through this difficult time. Weslee's seizures are increasing every day. Even staying at home just watching TV and being calm and quiet isn't helping to prevent seizures.

Make-A-Wish will be here next week. I wanted the house to look halfway decent but my leg is getting worse (got my brace yesterday ... ugh!!) so I can't do much. Hubby works way across town, so I started making some phone calls. Handymen I've used. Handymen I found on Craigslist. Teens who used to work around here for us.  Two cancellations. Finally begged the young man who used to do stuff for us, and he's sending his sister. 

Hoping it'll help.

Then Thursday evening I got a call from a loyal baked-goods customer. Not only did she place another order, but she told me the most amazing thing. Her college daughter talked to a professor about Weslee, about how he is losing a lot of his memories and thoughts, and may be worse after the surgery. And how he is a fanatic about movies and movie trivia. Because of their conversation, that professor plans to develop a science course FOR WESLEE (and to share with others) based on Weslee's passion for movies.  WOW!  Is anybody else completely amazed like I am?  I hope he contacts me soon. I'm itching to thank him. And I'll thank the college daughter on Friday when they come to pickup their goodies.  (By the way, I'm making Cherry Coke Chocolate Cupcakes for them .... yummy!)

And thanks to those of you who are donating on our fundraising page: ... please pass the word.


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