Another WHY WE DO THIS Post

Here's a picture I took last week of Weslee and Krypto.  Krypto is a white (yellow) lab about a year and a half old. We got him as a very young puppy to be Weslee's seizure-alert / autism dog but ran out of money and time (and energy!) to train him.  Raising money to get back at that (well, you should know if you are one of our cupcake customers!).

Aren't they cute?

Weslee had a rough day on Friday. We had a full day starting with me getting my permanent leg brace on, then off to the Children's Hospital for 5 and a half hours of Weslee doing some intensive pre-surgical psych evaluations and interviews. The day away from home caused a LOT of seizures so by the time we got home, ate a late dinner and did night-time things, he was ready to pass out. And did. Saturday was a little bit better because he slept until about 10 a.m.!

We'll know by March 6 or so if they are going to go ahead with surgery, or if they have something else they want to try.

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