3 days to go

Yesterday's bake benefit and garage sale was a bust. Made a whole $41 dollars but did get $42 donated too.  (Forgot to take pix ... cupcakes turned out beautifully!) Still, it kept Weslee busy yesterday going through his movies and toys, deciding what he wanted to part with. Not surprisingly... not a lot of movies!

Today we need to take the goat babies to their foster mom's. Probably early afternoon. I need to remember to take pix before they go because they'll be huge when we pick them up! Relatively speaking. Finally got the girl to drink: she prefers a bowl, and a very specific one at that. The boy prefers the bottle.

Then we have chores to do, the remains of the garage sale to packup, tables to put away, strawberries to plant, laundry and packing to do, cleaning, and so much more.

I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest!!

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