Packed for hospital ... clothes, toys, DVD player & movies, letters from Weslee's Warriors we still need to open, Nintendo and games, food, and medicines.

Lost my cell phone first thing this morning. Forgot to pay bills (had a reminder set on my phone to go off). Migraine. Legs hurt so bad from looking everywhere for phone, and from answering the door over and over and over. Forgot to get someone to collect eggs for the next few weeks. Weslee barely ate today and was up at 2 a.m. again with barely any sleep. Yes, he's still freaking out.

If anybody needs me, call the home number and leave a message. We'll check it eventually.

Update May 14 6:43 a.m. ... Found cell phone late late last night ... was in a box of clothes that I'd packed up from the garage sale. Guess cell fell out of my pocket when I bent over the box.

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