Wow! More Letters!

Weslee loves it when Hubby brings home the mail.  He got another 12 letters yesterday PLUS a FedEx from a CNN Sr. V.P. with a letter, t-shirt, baseball cap and notebook.  Already packed the notebook in his hospital suitcase (can't take the cap or t-shirt because of the electrodes going directly from his brain to a machine).  (Wanna see the 9-news spot again? Click here!)

HAD to go into town yesterday to get him a haircut, underwear, jammies and a few other things for the hosp stay. So glad I found 3 pairs of button-down pajamas because I could only find ONE set for his January hospital stay. He did have a seizure after we came home. Of course.

He's getting more and more nervous. Convinced the "hole" the surgeon will make in his head will never close up. Since his short term memory is kinda shot, I keep explaining.  Oh, and he wants me to ask the neurosurgeon if he'll make his scar in the shape of a lightening bolt (i.e. BOLT his favorite movie). I need to sit him down and explain in detail the procedures, and maybe write them down, and draw pictures (although I really really can't draw).

Other News:
We're finally getting rain so maybe we'll pull out of the drought. Colorado's been really bad / dry.  Unfortunately, this moisture is killing my knees so I can barely walk today even with my cane. Too bad I can't have the surgery until the end of the year (let's just get Weslee whole first). Goat babies are finally putting on weight; got the girl to drink from a bowl since she wouldn't take the bottle.  Chickens are happy with their new tunnels and runs. Busy baking and getting ready for Saturday's garage sale.  Krypto the dog will be boarded at his vet's, and found a good foster home for the goat babies while we're at the hospital.

Now... if I can just get the strawberries and potatoes in the ground, and the tomato seedlings repotted before Tuesday.

Again, a big thanks to everyone for their good wishes and letters to Weslee. He really appreciates that people do care about him. Keep 'em coming!

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