Weslee is not doing great

Weslee's not doing well.  It's been 5 days since his first surgery, where the implanted electrodes into and onto his brain.

He's still bleeding from that one spot on his incision.  He's barely drinking (even tho I keep trying to tempt him) and doesn't really want to eat.  This morning breakfast was a bite of bacon, a bite of eggs scrambled with cheese, a bite of chocolate chip pancake, and two sips of vanilla goat yogurt Hubby brought the other day.

Lots of pain = lots of pain meds = lots of sleeping = no seizures. If he doesn't have any today or tomorrow, they may postpone the next surgery for possibly a week, depending on surgeon's schedule.

He's only had one visitor (no offense, but Hubby, doctors, nurses, and aids don't count).

It's getting depressing, being alone in this hosp room with my very-in-pain child, nurses and doctors galore, answering the same questions over and over, me fighting migraines and intense knee pain, and trying to find a way to keep my son awake plus find a way to get him to seize.

The pain in his eyes is horrible. And I can't help him.

He's getting a washing from the nurse right now. That's waking him up just a tad. Once she's done, I'll start reading some more letters from Weslee's Warriors to him. And maybe the nurse will get someone in here to help me keep him awake and get him to talk about movies, kinda use his brain. Maybe that'll cause a seizure.

Thank you for your support. Please keep the letters coming.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Vikki! It was so nice to see you and Weslee yesterday, too bad I cant be the villian in the movie!! I am no good at British accents, lol! It was good to see him eat, even though it was just a little bit. I will be back by this week and possible this weekend, you've got my number so if there is anything at all you need...DO NOT hesitate to call. and when we come again I will bring a crispy chicken sammie from Wendys! Lots of love, Crystal