Weslee update 2 days after 1st surgery

Weslee is sleeping at this moment but its all as was expected. Except for a little problem during surgery, he's ok. Lots of pain. Nausea. Lots of swelling including right eye swollen shut and looking like a black eye.

Hoping he's better today so we can start learning sign language and start inducing seizures.

Thanks so much for all the letters. He's loving the notes, pictures, movies and just knowing people from all over care about him. We brought quite a lot to the hospital so we can keep opening them, although he hasn't felt like it since we got her. Maybe today?

Day before Surgery
And now for some pictures.

The first two aren't graphic.

First pic: in the red shirt, it's him clowning around the day before the surgery. Look how beautiful he is.

The second is the morning of the surgery, in his hospital scrubs. Wristbands on.  Head just about to be scrubbed.  Trying to get  comfy in the narrow hosp bed.

When we got to the hosp surgery morning, they weighed him ... had lost a total of 8 pounds in just 2 weeks! Probably has lost more in 2 days following the surgery as he didn't eat at all until last night, and then it was only a few bites of pasta alfredo, 2 carrots and a little bit of orange juice.

I sure hope he eats today.

Please keep the letters coming. It's been a rough 2 days and honestly, he needs something to keep him going. He's strong but hates how much pain he's in.

Now ... if you have a squeamish stomach, don't look any further.

These next two pictures can be upsetting. Oh, and the towel on his head to help him remember to not pick at his head, or scratch. His skull plate wasn't reattached and is in a sterile fridge waiting for next week's surgery. We really really don't want him pushing that area and finding out he's missing bone.

This is Weslee the day after the surgery.
Notice the bandage at the right ear.
The incision is bleeding and right into his
ear so we are keeping something absorbant
there.  The blood dripping into his
ear is freaking out. Right eye still kinda
This was last night. Had surgery on Wed, and
this was taken Thurs night. Right eye swollen
shut and bruised.. Face swollen. Blood in his

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